Welcome to NBR Radar: Future wealth creators

Congratulations to the first group of NBR Radar members.

This is the beginning of a distinguished list of fast-growing, established companies that are expected to be significant future contributors to New Zealand’s business and economic success.

The individuals behind these companies have an entrepreneurial spirit and a never-give-up attitude that deserves recognition.

NBR Radar is a celebration of their success and provides insight into how these businesses have developed and grown to where they are today.

It is also a resource for investors and those wanting to keep tabs on the next generation of successful businessmen and women.

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To qualify, they needed to demonstrate global potential or national significance in size and scale. We looked beyond start-up companies for businesses that have established revenue streams and a realistic growth trajectory.

Underpinning that criteria were five simple words: “Smart people doing smart things.”

NBR publisher Todd Scott says the concept developed from our commitment to being “The Meeting Place of Intelligent Business.”

“It is our hope that, over time, NBR Radar will be regarded as an authoritative and useful indicator of where the future wealth creators of New Zealand are operating and what they are doing that will make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s future economic success,” Mr Scott says.

“Greater transparency and disclosure across the investment scene in New Zealand will benefit not only those seeking to identify areas where good returns will occur but also those who need investment capital to turn their already successful business into a world-class backable proposition,” Mr Scott says.

We hope you enjoy this collection of short stories and videos.

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