Lowe’s 10 things: Speedy CP3, Dennis Smith Jr. and the finally fun Cavs

It’s that time:

1. Chris Paul, getting nuts

My favorite subplot of the season: watching Paul adjust to the pace and freedom of Mike D’Antoni’s offense. You can see his brain working: “OK, I’m dribbling fast. Look at me go! Oh, here’s Clint setting me a screen 35 feet from the hoop. My guy went under! Wait, I’m supposed to shoot, aren’t I? But there are 19 seconds on the shot clock and I haven’t signaled a play or yelled at anyone yet. Should I really shoot? I guess so. WHEE!”

He’s like a sheltered college freshman being dragged to his first frat parties. “The beer is … free? My parents wouldn’t like this. Maybe I’ll try one sip.” Five minutes later, he’s doing keg stands.

His midrange attempts are even way down!

It’s working. Houston has hung neck-and-neck with Golden State by any measure. They are scoring 118 points per 100 possessions with Paul and James Harden on the floor, even though the stars are figuring out how to complement each other. Paul has accepted a secondary role, but he can’t be a bystander. He knows that. He and Harden are working on two-man actions.