First contestant of TVNZ’s Heartbreak Island revealed

Filming has begun on TVNZ 2’s tropical reality shows Heartbreak Island and the second season of Survivor NZ, and the network is going to great lengths to keep the locations and cast members in lockdown.

Survivor’s start was delayed by a monsoon in November, but we can confirm host Matt Chisholm is now on location — and this time around he won’t be missing the birth of his child. Chisholm was filming the first series in Nicaragua in 2015 when wife Ellen gave birth to their son Bede. The couple are expecting a little brother for Bede in April but Chisholm will be home by then.

Survivor’s two radio wild card contestants, Wellington social worker Kaysha Lahana and Auckland social influencer Franky March, are now taking part in challenges and tribal councils with the latter’s social media account going uncharacteristically quiet.

Heartbreak Island hosts — successful bachelorette Matilda Rice and former radio host Mark Dye  — are saying hi to their social media followers through Instagram stories. It must be hot where they are, as this week Rice showed herself drenched in sweat saying: “Filming in the heat means the sweat life is real”.

Rice’s fiance Art Green joined her on the secret tropical island this weekend. Lets hope he travelled incognito.

Not all secrets can be kept in this small town and among the 16 guys and girls who have been matched into couples to compete for love and $100,000 prize money, Spy has learnt one of the female contestants is actress Caitlin Smith. The young blonde actress has a credit for playing nurse Claire in American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story, which was shot in New Zealand in 2016.

Smith has a few Vlogs online and is well spoken and charming. She has a passion for acting and takes it seriously, having done a year of training at the South Sea Film School.

So how will she go with the rest of the cast running around showing off their finely-tuned bods, looking for love and/or money? Smith, like many her age, has a few bikini shots on her Instagram and we are sure she will know how to vamp it up on the island — she once played Sandy in Grease.

Her Auckland agent had no comment on her Heartbreak Island break into the spotlight and TVNZ was not giving anything away either.

“We have a great cast lined up for Heartbreak Island, but TVNZ will neither confirm or deny any speculation on who will appear on the show,” a spokesperson said.

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