The RLIF rule change Mark Gasnier wants to close Andrew Fifita-Origin loophole

AUSTRALIAN legend Steve Roach doesn’t want the Kangaroos to select Andrew Fifita again, while Mark Gasnier has suggested a simple fix that could end the international eligibility farce once and for all.

Eligibility has been a hot topic in rugby league since Fifita and Jason Taumalolo snubbed their respective tier one nations to represent Tonga at the World Cup in October.

Under the RLIF law, they were allowed to jump ship from Australia and New Zealand respectively to play for the tier two nation.

The fact the sudden switches of allegiance — which happened barely a fortnight out from the start of the tournament — were allowed to happen has been slammed by commentators and fans alike.

But it’s also the fact Fifita is still eligible to be picked for NSW that has fans bemused.