A-League Hour: Adam Peacock on solution to A-League’s active support issues

ACTIVE support has to be saved, because when the atmosphere at A-League games is at its best, it can differentiate the rest of the competition from other Australian sports.
That’s the view of Fox Sports football host Adam Peacock, who has issued a call for communication to get all parties on the same page in the hope of resolving one of Australian football’s most important issues.

In a week where an RBB leader copped a year-long ban for offensive chants and the FFA targeted plans to equip fans with legal flares, Peacock, speaking on A-League Hour, encouraged all sides to put their differences aside to discuss the best way forward for the game and its unique active support groups.

Future of active support

Future of active support


“Whatever your sporting poison, there is of course a huge range to choose from in Australia. One factor that can set the A-League apart from the rest, is the atmosphere at games – sadly, though, it is in trouble, with active areas, the epicentre of colour and noise, not getting bigger.

Round 23

“Why? Well there’s a huge disconnect between these fans and those who run the game.