Anwar Ibrahim: Former Malaysian opposition leader released after years in prison

Former Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim — the man who may replace prime minister-elect Mahathir Mohamad — has just been released from prison.

Mr Anwar, who was formerly Dr Mahathir’s political rival, has been promised leadership of Malaysia’s new governing coalition when Dr Mahathir, 92, decides to step down.

According to Mr Anwar’s lawyers, Dr Mahathir’s former deputy received a full pardon.

“The pardons board has already met and the King has granted a full pardon, which means all past convictions have been expunged,” lawyer Sivarasa Rasiah said.

Mr Anwar is now on his way to have an audience with the King.

Their newfound alliance is a stunning turnaround from the 1990s when — on the orders of Dr Mahathir and his government — Mr Anwar was arrested and jailed on charges of corruption and sodomy.

Mr Anwar always denied the charges and claimed he was a victim of a political conspiracy.

Mr Anwar, 70, was released from custody at Cheras Rehabilitation Centre in Kuala Lumpur, where he was recovering from a shoulder injury.

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Source: ABC News

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